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INTERFLEX Plastic, which has been operating since 2013, has been providing superstructure, infrastructure, tunnel projects, metro tunnels, all different roof insulation systems, terraces (travelable and non-travelable), building foundations, foundation bundling,  solid - mine waste sites, agricultural pools, ponds. It produces geosynthetic products with an annual capacity of 2.5 million m² in its production facility established in Ankara in 2020 in different areas such as pools, wet ground areas, and water tanks. It continues to work uninterruptedly on both material supply and supervisory technical support for companies doing projects both in Turkey and abroad. INTERFLEX Plastic, our organization that always aims to offer the best to its customers with its rich product range and technical infrastructure, is growing day by day.

As INTERFLEX Plastic, it constantly analyzes the production processes and the sectors it serves by giving due importance to the R&D studies carried out in its own laboratories and keeps up with its ability to easily adapt to the conditions of the world that change and develop every day. You can request our Quality Certificates from https://interflexplastik.com/ e-mail address.

As INTERFLEX Plastic, we will continue to put our signature on projects with our customer and quality-oriented approach, with products coming from the latest technology production lines, with our motto ALWAYS THE BEST.

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Our aim is to provide solutions that protect the parts of structures exposed to water from the harmful effects of water. We manufacture geomembranes that are resistant to plant roots, reinforced, high-strength, antibacterial, and environmentally friendly for various areas such as roofs, foundations, tunnels, pools, ponds, wet floors, balconies, terraces, and water tanks.

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Our goal is to provide the best solutions to protect structures exposed to water and reduce the harmful effects of water using high-quality insulation materials. Our quality represents leadership built on customer satisfaction and environmentally conscious production principles.