Construction Waterproofing

Construction Waterproofing

In buildings where basic waterproofing is not applied, damage to the load-bearing systems is a common structural issue as they age. Therefore, waterproofing should be applied to protect buildings against water and moisture in order to maintain their durability. Implementing this application during the construction phase of the building ensures a healthy, comfortable, and safe environment. INTERFLEX Plastic Insulation ensures the correct protection of living spaces against internal and external factors, providing services to meet the needs of the construction and insulation sectors.

Old buildings are much more vulnerable to water leaks and moisture. Water leaks in the foundations and basement floors are commonly encountered in old buildings without foundation waterproofing. Buildings without foundation waterproofing deteriorate over time, leading to potential collapse during any earthquake. Even in new buildings, there are cases where foundation waterproofing is not applied. Therefore, whether you are living in or purchasing a new building, if foundation waterproofing is not applied, especially extra precautions against leaks should be taken for foundation insulation


Why Should Basic Water Insulation Be Done?                                                        

While the appearance of your building may dazzle the eyes from the outside, it is crucial that its foundation is solid and its foundation insulation is done with appropriate materials. Foundation insulation aims to extend the service life of the building, prevent deterioration and decay, and prevent adverse effects on the occupants. A wall without insulation, when in contact with moist ground, can damage the building's foundation, leading to potentially high-cost solutions in the future.

Accumulation of water and moisture around your building can cause damage to materials ranging from bricks to concrete, from block structures to wood. With internal or external foundation waterproofing, your building is protected from decay, mold, and corrosion. If you want to live with your family in your property for a long time without worries, you can confidently entrust your building to the expert team of INTERFLEX Plastic Insulation for foundation waterproofing with appropriate pricing and guaranteed workmanship.