Tunnel Waterproofing Systems

Tunnel Waterproofing Systems

INTERFLEX Plastic Insulation specializes in the application of tunnel waterproofing systems in all types of structures by our expert team. Our company's mission is to design and implement waterproofing systems tailored to the structure's needs. Tunnels are generally susceptible to the damage caused by underground water due to their location. Additionally, many tunnels are located within excavations constructed in mountains or hills, making them prone to groundwater inundation. At Interflex Plastic Insulation, we design and implement waterproofing systems for tunnel structures based on their exposure to water.

How are Insulation Works Done?

Before starting our tunnel waterproofing works, we meticulously conducted reconnaissance operations. Therefore, within our company, with our expert team, we conduct preliminary research on the tunnel before waterproofing works. When conducting waterproofing works on an old structure with a tunnel, we proceed with the awareness that the work requires more attention. We do not start waterproofing works without examining the details of the terrain where the old tunnel is located, and calculating the amount and strength of water it is exposed to.

Why is it necessary?                                                                

Like any structure exposed to water and moisture for extended periods, tunnels may not fully fulfill their function. Due to factors such as the type of structure they are built on, and the amount and duration of water exposure, tunnels need to have a better insulation system than many other structures. At INTERFLEX Plastic Insulation, we strive to revitalize the functionality of deteriorated structural elements with our expert team and state-of-the-art technology, ensuring successful outcomes.