Made from HDPE or PVC. The reason why it is called SKYCLAW® T-GRIP is that it has ''T'' shaped nails that continue uninterrupted along the entire longitudinal line. Thanks to these nails, this product locks very well to the concrete in which it is used and does not leave the concrete. This material, which is produced using specific molds of SKYCLAW® T-GRIP and enables the integration of the geomembrane with the concrete, is also applied under the protection concrete or together with the foundation concrete. SKYCLAW® T-GRIP Geomembrane is fixed to the concrete mold, takes the shape of the mold, and provides insulation as a whole with the structure. It also prevents concrete from cracking thanks to the protrusions on the products coming out of special molds.

Generally, it has the features of HDPE or PVC Geomembrane. Especially its resistance to chemicals and aging life have been increased significantly.

SKYCLAW® T-GRIP It is a model with protrusions at certain intervals along the roll to hold the geomembrane to the concrete. SKYCLAW® T-GRIP HDPE or PVC Geomembrane, which has protrusions at certain intervals throughout the roll, is used in infrastructures, especially in sewers, sewer collectors, sewer pipes, and foundation insulation projects.

Usage Areas

  • Foundation Insulation
    Foundation Insulation
  • Irrigation Canals and Water Transmission Line
    Irrigation Canals and Water Transmission Line
  • Building Drainage
    Building Drainage
  • Reservoirs and Dam Bodies
    Reservoirs and Dam Bodies
  • Retaining Wall Drainage
    Retaining Wall Drainage
  • Construction Foundation Insulation
    Construction Foundation Insulation