SKYFLEX® EPDM Geomembrane can be defined as synthetic rubber produced from refined products such as propylene and ethylene. SKYFLEX® EPDM Membrane is the most preferred product as a waterproofing material in curtain walls, garden ponds and landscapes, treatment plants, dome roofs, terraces, building insulation, and curtain insulation.

The reason for using synthetic rubber is that the cold resistance, expansion, tensile strength, and elastic structure of natural rubber are not suitable for a quality waterproofing process. The biggest reason why EPDM rubber differs from other existing rubbers is that the product does not lose its elastic structure even in any high-temperature environment that may occur, and also has a structure that is resistant to breaking elasticity, tensile strength, different weather conditions, ozone, and sunlight.

Due to its features, the SKYFLEX® EPDM Geomembrane can be used with peace of mind for waterproofing in many areas. It is resistant to the mixing of harmful substances into water due to bacterial and fungal growth. Liquid impermeability is quite high. It is resistant to stress caused by environmental effects. Resists constant wetting and drying cycles. It is also resistant to freezing and thawing cycles. It has a very high resistance to stress and cracking. It has the same breaking and elongation values as a result of the welding process.

Usage Areas

  • Terrace Insulation
    Terrace Insulation
  • Building Roof Insulation
    Building Roof Insulation
  • All Roof Insulation
    All Roof Insulation
  • Dams
  • Irrigation Canals and Water Transmission Line
    Irrigation Canals and Water Transmission Line
  • Ponds
  • Foundation Insulation
    Foundation Insulation
  • Solid Waste and Hazardous Waste Storage Areas
    Solid Waste and Hazardous Waste Storage Areas
  • Construction Foundation Insulation
    Construction Foundation Insulation