SKYPLAST® PVC Chemical Resistant Geomembranes are waterproofing materials produced with special production technology typically used in Chemical Production Facilities, Acid and Chemical, Water Treatment Plants, and Chemical Processing Facilities. These types of geomembranes are specially formulated to be resistant to various chemical substances. SKYPLAST® PVC Chemical Resistant Geomembranes are designed to provide resistance to various chemical substances such as acids, basic, alkalis, petroleum products, and other aggressive chemicals. These materials are used to prevent leaks and protect the environment in chemical waste storage areas and chemical processing facilities.

Usage Areas

  • Chemical Processing Plants
    Chemical Processing Plants
  • Chemical Production Facilities
    Chemical Production Facilities
  • Water Treatment Plants
    Water Treatment Plants
  • Acid Tanks
    Acid Tanks
  • Sewage Treatment Facilities
    Sewage Treatment Facilities