SKYPLAST® PVC Geomembranes are prepared with raw material, dyestuff, and auxiliary additives during production. These are insulation membranes that are formed by preparing them with PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) resin, filling material, dyestuff, and stabilizers, and by being homogeneously shaped using a calendar system after the necessary processes in extruders.

SKYPLAST® PVC Signal Sheet (YS-GS-G-B) Geomembranes 

It is a geomembrane model consisting of a thin and light-colored layer on one surface to facilitate the detection of damages. When the material is damaged, the thin, light-colored layer flakes off and the underlying dark color begins to appear. The damaged part is easily noticed when visually inspected.

Usage Areas

  • Tunnel Insulation
    Tunnel Insulation
  • Terrace Insulation
    Terrace Insulation
  • Canal Wall Applications
    Canal Wall Applications
  • Drinking Water Tanks
    Drinking Water Tanks
  • Irrigation Canals and Water Transmission Line
    Irrigation Canals and Water Transmission Line
  • Ponds and Pools
    Ponds and Pools