SKYPLAST® PVC Laminated Geomembranes provide ease of application by laminating the Geotextile onto a single surface with heat technology during production, provide easy and practical adhesion to the applied surface, and create a protective and durable layer. SKYPLAST® PVC Laminated Geomembranes are prepared with polyvinyl chloride raw material, additional dye chemicals, and auxiliary additives. It is obtained by polymerizing vinyl chloride. These are prepared with PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) resin, filler and additive additives, paint chemicals, softeners, and stabilizers and additionally geotextile lamination process is carried out and after passing through the necessary processes from the extruders, the insulation created in a homogeneously laminated manner with the help of the transfer system and high It is produced by turning it into a protective and strengthening material.

SKYPLAST® PVC Laminated Geomembrane Polypropylene or Recycled Geotextile.

To facilitate easy installation and detection of existing damages, SKYPLAST® PVC Laminated Geomembranes are a geomembrane model formed by the adhesion of Polypropylene Geotextile or Recycled Geotextile felt to a single-sided layer by heat treatment, on one surface of the generally gray-colored geomembrane. It contributes to finishing the laying on the surface in a practical way by laying the material on the existing area to be applied in one go during the application, highlighting the time and easy installation. At the same time, Laminated Polypropylene Geotextile or Recycled Geotextile, a high-strength composite product is obtained.

Usage Areas

  • Tunnel Insulation
    Tunnel Insulation
  • Terrace Insulation
    Terrace Insulation
  • Canal Wall Applications
    Canal Wall Applications
  • Drinking Water Tanks
    Drinking Water Tanks
  • Irrigation Canals and Water Transmission Line
    Irrigation Canals and Water Transmission Line
  • Ponds and Pools
    Ponds and Pools