SKYPLAST® PVC Geomembrane; It is a polyester reinforcement reinforced PVC Geomembrane used on exposed roof surfaces. It is fixed mechanically or applied to the vacuum roof system by the laying method. It is laid loosely on a vacuum roof system. SKYPLAST® PVC Geomembrane is applied to the substrate on every roof surface, including both hot and cold roofs.

Thus, SKYPLAST® PVC Geomembrane is used in all shapes and combinations of flat, sloped roofs and curved roofs. The products are highly resistant to tearing, which is particularly important for mechanical fixing on roofs - roofs exposed to wind. This is a great advantage in Nordic climates. SKYPLAST® Reinforced Geomembrane is made of softened - flexible PVC and has polyester donate-thread reinforcement. SKYPLAST® Geomembrane contains stabilizers that enable the product to withstand high and low temperatures, making it UV and flame-retardant.

SKYPLAST® Geomembrane products feature a unique anti-slip surface as standard, providing an aesthetically pleasing surface. The non-slip surface is also aesthetically pleasing. It represents an important safety factor when walking on the roof during installation and regular maintenance, especially in wet weather. The membrane is welded together using hot air.

• Inverted Roofs
• Wooden Roofs.
• Reinforced Concrete Roofs and Terraces
• Thermal Insulated and Non-Insulated Roofs

Usage Areas

  • Tunnel Insulation
    Tunnel Insulation
  • Terrace Insulation
    Terrace Insulation
  • Canal Wall Applications
    Canal Wall Applications
  • Drinking Water Tanks
    Drinking Water Tanks
  • Irrigation Canals and Water Transmission Line
    Irrigation Canals and Water Transmission Line
  • Ponds and Pools
    Ponds and Pools