​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​They are products with a large production capacity, combined with the needling method from polypropylene fibers. It undertakes reinforcement function, protection function, separation function, drainage function, and filter function. Geotextile, which is frequently used in construction projects, is a rock and soil-permeable textile product that is a part of women. Geotextiles; It is divided into non-woven geotextiles and braided geotextiles. Geotextiles, which can also provide erosion control, are products that increase the strength, stabilization, and properties of the ground.

It absorbs the tensile forces within the properties of the ground and acts as a reinforcement element. Due to its filter properties, it is used for filtering and protection systems. While the solid prevents the passage of deterioration, it maintains a high buffer function against liquid and gas. It has functions at hydraulic and mechanical levels. It is a protective and separating layer. It is used for insulation purposes on vertical and extreme surfaces, solid-mine waste sites, ponds, and tunnel coatings for the separation and removal of the double wings of the geomembrane material.

​​​​​​​- SKYTEX® Geotextile is a product resistant to UV rays.

- SKYTEX® Geotextile acid. It is resistant to microorganisms such as bacteria and alkalis.

- SKYTEX® Geotextile is resistant to shrinkage, rupture, and puncture.

- It is placed in the soil during geotextile.

- When the geotextile is formed, it is not damaged and there is no negative effect.

- SKYTEX® Geotextile is compatible with its permeability in its filter-drainage complex structure.

It increases the durability of the ground on which the geotextile will be placed.
The ground on which it will be applied or placed must be flat and the loading calculation must be made well. If you want your structures to be long-lasting, you should use geotextile and care should be taken to ensure that the comprehensive geotextile is of high quality. One of the biggest benefits of geotextile is that it holds the ground with high strength and maturity.

Usage Areas

  • Tunnel Insulation
    Tunnel Insulation
  • Foundation Insulation
    Foundation Insulation
  • Dams
  • Ponds and Pools
    Ponds and Pools
  • Building Drainage
    Building Drainage
  • Construction Foundation Insulation
    Construction Foundation Insulation
  • Reservoirs and Dam Bodies
    Reservoirs and Dam Bodies
  • Mine Fields
    Mine Fields
  • Under Tanks in Oil Fields
    Under Tanks in Oil Fields
  • Solid, Medical and Hazardous Waste Areas
    Solid, Medical and Hazardous Waste Areas
  • Solid Waste and Hazardous Waste Storage Areas
    Solid Waste and Hazardous Waste Storage Areas
  • Irrigation Canals and Water Transmission Line
    Irrigation Canals and Water Transmission Line
  • Side Slope Erosion Protection
    Side Slope Erosion Protection
  • All Fields with Sand and Gravel Application
    All Fields with Sand and Gravel Application
  • Terrace Insulation
    Terrace Insulation
  • Canal Wall Applications
    Canal Wall Applications